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How NOT To Suck At Blogging

"There is no one way to blog. Heck, there is no right way to blog. It depends on the topic, niche, community, and individual blogger. But don't let yourself be pigeon-holed into only one business plan or one method of blogging. Here are a couple examples:
* Several of my pf-blogging friends make fantastic income with Adsense.
* Chris Guillebeau primarily supports himself on his own information products.
* Ramit Sethi leveraged his blog to catapult his book launch and solidify
his personal brand.
* Leo from Zen Habits had public success accepting donations to help him
become a full-time writer.
* Pinyo from Moolanomy was offered a killer job based on his success with his blog.
* Clay Collins trains people on how to build and market very specific niche products.
* Other bloggers end up selling their sites to pursue other passions.
* Jonathan Mead coaches individuals on how to 'get paid to exist' based off his own story.The moral of the story? The possibilities that come from blogging are endless.
I truly believe there is something for everyone. ..."

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